About the blog

This blog has been created with the readers in mind, the ones whose passions help them pursuing their success and self-realization … but not only! I’ll also write for those of you who feel that there is a raw potential hidden somewhere inside your true self! I keep learning new things about myself everyday and I try to find new passions which allow me not to get crazy and get away from it all once in a while!

This blog is reader-friendly …! It has been divided into a few sections in which you can find articles on the following topics:

– passion, hobbies, success …;

– passionate people who can become your inspiration;

– new experiences and possibilities;

– short story telling;

– books;

– travelling;

– cooking;

– my inspirations.

A few words about the author …

I’m Natalia … in the face of pervasive everyday reality and routine, I decided to do something for myself, something that could allow me to express myself in a different field than the one related to my career. That’s why, I came up with an idea of creating a blog since writing is one of not too many things which make me really happy!

Why Passion Piece?

Everyone, who knows me well, could describe me as a girl of unfulfilled potentials … I think that some of you understand me very well and not always make use of the possibilities given by your fate! I came to a conclusion that being so close to step into my magical 30’s … it would be good to finally start thinking about myself! I’d like to thank a special friend for helping me to create the name of this blog, which I hope will become in a class of its own one day!

I’d like to take you on my journey towards better future and I hope you’ll take an active part in creating this blog through: commenting on the posts and sharing them with your friends, as well as through sharing your passions, which have changed your lives, with me and other readers!


2nd place in the 2nd edition of the blog contest “BLOGS from HEART 2019” in the category Passion and Work

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Charity actions:

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Guests and interviews:


Abhinav Chawade – an IT specialist, and on a more personal note a fan of culinary experiments and good music.

Agnieszka Deja – the author of a blog The ins and outs of books, reviewing different kinds of books for her readers.

Karolina Krystyna Nowaczek – a computer graphic designer and a ballet dancer, who in her free time, also deals with running a blog Tutu Mansion.

Sonia & Adam – the authors of a travel blog The Jarząbki Blog.

Anna Ślebioda – an expert in the field of disability and the author of a blog with quite a contradictory name A mohair feminist.

Olga & Krzysiek – the authors of a travel blog Follow Your Map.

Sylwia Cegieła – a journalist and the author of a web portal Cultural Talks.

Helena Rojek-Osowska – a happy mom, wife and plus size model engaging herself in social campaigns, for example I am a woman.

Julian Waglewski – a circus performer, acrobat and juggler – specializing himself in the art of German Wheel; semi-finalist of 7th season of Poland’s Got Talent.

Angelika Wojtyra – a dietitian and the author of a blog Sensible dieting.

Aleksander Dębicz – one of the most talented Polish pianists of young generation, he loves to compose and improvise. He’s the author of two music albums: Bach Stories and Invention.

Monika Lesiewicz – a fan of DIY, creating interactive toys for kids to name just a few, the author of a blog Kinder World.

Delfina & Bartek– an acrobatic duo and the winners of the 5th season of Poland’s Got Talent.

Daria Kucharczyk – a talented artist, who creates breathtaking paintings, drawings, as well as sketches. She promotes her works of art on a fanpage titled LionheART.

Aneta Janasz – a passionate photograph and the author of a website covering the basics of photography.

Martyna Pawłowska-Dymek – a happy mom and wife, the author of a blog with not a coincidental name Lucky Seven, a founder of the charity event for mothers-to-be titled Belly Santa Claus.

Basia Janyga – a singer, songwriter and music creator. The founder of Talent Factory and the one who started the tradition of music workshops for teenagers called PoluZone, whose special guest is every year Kuba Badach. The participant of The Voice of Poland in Marek Piekarczyk’s team.

Kornel Tomicki– a coach of man-woman relations and the author of a website devoted to this particular subject area.


Jarosław Surmacz – a caver and the main character of a short documentary The Tough, which was qualified for the Sundance Film Festival in the USA.

Monika Trzeciak – the author of a creative blog Just Happy Life, on which she shares her passions related to doodling, as well as some experiences connected with her life in London.

Kasia – a fan of DIY, and especially felting. The author of a blog Speckled Fawn, on which she shares not only her tips and tricks related to handicraft, but also home decorating from scratch.

Monika Mitura – the founder of Benio Craft brand, offering interesting accessories not only for dogs, but also for their owners.

Hanna Zborowska-Nevesthe Honorary Consul of Poland in Brazil, personally a happy mom and wife. A daughter of a famous Polish actor Wiktor Zborowski.

Wojciech Lichtański– one of the most talented alt saxophonists of young generation, a fan and promoter of jazz. He’s the author of one music album: Iga, which was well received by the critics.

Chris & Charlie – the authors of a travel blog Chris and Charlie’s Adventures, fans of rural life, trekking and bouldering.

Sargis Davtyan – the participant of Szansa na Sukces, whose special guest was Natalia Kukulska. The winner of Debiuty 2019 in Opole, during which he sang his very own song Powiedz.

Mateusz Spyt – a personal coach and traveler, a few months ago together with his team from Jaworzno, he managed to reach the top of Mount Kazbek located on the border of Georgia with Russia. He runs a fanpage Active Mind, where he encourages people to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Gennady Voldz – a lawyer working in New York, he has his own legal practice called Voldz Law, which specializes in getting huge compensations for victims of different kinds of accidents, medical malpractice, as well as all types of negligence.

Carol Mellema – used to be the owner of a profitable business and several houses, she decided to leave it all to travel across the USA in a camper, now she mainly works remotely. She’s the lover of photography and creates funny T-shirts. The author of a blog Roam Sweet Roam.

Marzena Harasiuk-Adamczyk – the founder of a clothing brand called Pastelove Love, putting her heart into all projects she decides to undertake, her pieces are always well-made. A fan of physical exercises and healthy lifestyle, one of the ambassadors in Ewa Chodakowska’s team.

Erwina Kowalska – the winner and laureate of many sports competitions and championships, specializing herself mainly in Aerial Hoop, which is a kind of aerial acrobatics with the use of hoop. She qualified herself to the World Championships 2019 in Canada.

Kimberlie Harris – a teacher who together with her students received a grant for carrying out a conservation project related to endangered animal species in Georgia, namely creating a natural habitat for the Indiana Bats.

Saniya Puri – the author of a travel blog Live to Travel Saniya Puri.

Amelia Leszczyńska-Hołowacz – a traveler who has fallen in love with Africa, the ambassador of Godding and Godding offering, among others, cosmetics coming from this particular continent. The author of a blog A&A…Just Africa.

Patrice Rutledge – the author of  Cardamom Magazine, a website promoting not only dishes from all over the world, but also places where one can eat well. Cooperating with a few chefs, who help her create that website.

Lauren Covino Smith – an American girl living with her family in Spain, the author of a blog titled The Expat Chronicle, on which she shares her experiences from the perspective of an expat. In her free time she loves to renovate old furniture, which was her main occupation when she lived in the USA.

Mateusz Marunowski – a firefighter and sportsman, who specializes himself mainly in Towerrunning. Mateusz is the winner and laureate of many competitions, he also took part in the world championships. One can find him on his fanpage Biegiem po schodach.

Andrea Vörös – a Hungarian girl, whose new home has become Puerto Rico. The author of a blog HungariCan Journey, on which she writes about her life as an expat, works she has had a chance to take up to make ends meet, as well as how to create something out of nothing on a budget.

Brett Katelynn Hartlin – a nature lover and a fan of everything she can grow on her own. Majestic Canadian forests are her second home, she finds solace in her garden, where one can find a great variety of fruit and vegetables. She captures all these beautiful views in her photos, which are really breathtaking – one can admire them on her instagram account among_the_wild_things.

Natalia Gromala – a happy mom and wife. She’s passionate about motorization, and especially motorcycles. Natalia’s got a big heart not only for people, but also for animals – she’d love to have her own veterinary practice in the future. She took part in the 4th edition of Silesian Motorcyclist’s Calendar 2020, all the money raised during this charity event will be given to a chosen good cause.

Valeria Lo Iacono Symonds – a happy wife who professionally had a chance to work as a lecturer and a university researcher, currently she devotes herself to running a website Symonds Research offering quality training materials and services for professional trainers. In her spare time she loves to travel and dance, and her favorite style is the belly dance, the art of which she teaches in her local community.


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