About the blog

This blog has been created with the readers in mind, the ones whose passions help them pursuing their success and self-realization … but not only! I’ll also write for those of you who feel that there is a raw potential hidden somewhere inside your true self! I keep learning new things about myself everyday and I try to find new passions which allow me not to get crazy and get away from it all once in a while!

This blog is reader-friendly …! It has been divided into a few sections in which you can find articles on the following topics:

– passion, hobbies, success …;

– passionate people who can become your inspiration;

– new experiences and possibilities;

– short story telling;

– books;

– travelling;

– cooking;

– my inspirations.

A few words about the author …

I’m Natalia … in the face of pervasive everyday reality and routine, I decided to do something for myself, something that could allow me to express myself in a different field than the one related to my career. That’s why, I came up with an idea of creating a blog since writing is one of not too many things which make me really happy!

Why Passion Piece?

Everyone, who knows me well, could describe me as a girl of unfulfilled potentials … I think that some of you understand me very well and not always make use of the possibilities given by your fate! I came to a conclusion that being so close to step into my magical 30’s … it would be good to finally start thinking about myself! I’d like to thank a special friend for helping me to create the name of this blog, which I hope will become in a class of its own one day!

I’d like to take you on my journey towards better future and I hope you’ll take an active part in creating this blog through: commenting on the posts and sharing them with your friends, as well as through sharing your passions, which have changed your lives, with me and other readers!