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Natalia Gerlich – reserves the right to introduce changes in its Privacy Policy terms. Every user of this Internet service and of other websites belonging to is obliged to respect current Privacy Policy terms published on the following website zści/ . Any introduced changes will not violate the ruling principle: does not sell or make available any personal data or addresses of its Internet services users to any third parties. If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy terms, please do not visit our Internet services, do not subscribe to the newsletter belonging to , and do not take part in possible contests organized by our Internet services.

1. Personal Data
While using the Internet services belonging to you may be asked to submit some of your personal data through filling in a form or in another way. The personal data you may be asked for will mostly include only your name and e-mail address. We only require the personal data which are necessary for our service to work. Not submitting your personal data may block the actions these data referred to.

2. Subscription to a Free Newsletter
Subscribing to the free newsletter belonging to requires submitting your name and e-mail address in a special form. These fields are mandatory. All the personal data obtained in this way are added to the mailing list of the blog. E-mail address is necessary to send you a newsletter. Your name allows to be on a first-name basis with its readers.

3.Unannounced messages reserves the right to send unannounced messages to people whose personal data are found in its mailing list, the ones who agreed to our Privacy Policy terms. Unannounced messages provided by are to be understood as information directly related to its services, newsletter, contests (e.g. introduced changes), non-commercial letters (e.g. wishes, personal comments etc.). No third parties have the access to the contact data of the users who are found on the mailing list belonging to . Commercial information is filtered as much as it is possible, its amount is limited and commercial messages are sent only occasionally.

4. Public Personal Data
Personal data, submitted to services belonging to while leaving comments to articles, answers on the forum etc. are available to all the visitors of the website including this data. cannot protect you from private people or companies, which may use this information to send you unidentified messages. That is why, these data fall outside our Privacy Policy terms.

5. Other Forms
Forms which are placed occasionally on the websites belonging to and which are related to services, products, magazines not managed by fall outside our Privacy Policy terms.

6. Contests
Rules related to possible contests organized by are to be found on facebook in the note tab.

7. Cookies
Some areas of services belonging to may use cookies, small text files sent to the users’ computers and identifying them in the way necessary to simplify or end a given operation. Cookies are harmful neither to the computers nor to their users and their personal data. Cookies can work only if they are accepted by the Internet browser, and if they are not removed from the computer. You can also switch off cookies in the settings of your Internet browser, however it may restrict or make it impossible to use some areas of our services.

We use cookie files for statistical purposes, as well as for user authorization to adjust the service look to preferences and history of user browsing and other marketing purposes.
Cookie files may include personal data of the user, however, in most cases, it will include only the e-mail address. These data are available only to the user of a given computer, as well as to our services.

8. Associates
Our Privacy Policy terms do not apply to services and companies whose contact details are published in the services and in the newsletter belonging to
In case of any questions please contact me:

9. Preclusion of liability
My articles and my guests’ articles posted by fall in with my opinions, and they are only opinions.
The opinions expressed by the readers in comments, on forum or in any other way are not always compatible with my own opinions. cannot assume responsibility for published advertisements. All buyers should be careful while responding to an advertisement or sending money. We pay much attention to the credibility of the advertisers, but we cannot be responsible for their actions. Contact details, as well as details related to each advertiser can be considered as certain only in the moment of publication.