Am I a racist?

Because of the past events that took place in Minneapolis the word racism has been declined in all possible ways. Mass protests, acts of vandalism, mutual hostility and lack of good will have caused riots on a large scale. Probably, knowing some historical background of the United States, you thought that the problem of racial […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Vidya Murlidhar

The magic of words has fascinated people for decades and it has become a source of inspiration for many, no matter where they live or what they do. A written word is more durable than it may seem, and the thoughts that we note down can occur to be useful for the next generations. When […]

The weekly interview: Michelle Solomon

Images are an inseparable part of our lives and we can find them at every turn, even if we sometimes don’t realize this fact. They may have different purposes and they can appear as advertisements, billboards, manuals, illustrations in books and magazines, finishing with art, although it’s not all for sure. Despite the fact that […]