6 easy ways to get rid of your autumn blues!

Indian summer is a magical time … a period, in which the nature starts slowly preparing itself for winter. It’s a time, in which surrounding us plants and trees surprise us with diversity of their colors, as well as scents typical of this particular season of the year. It’s an ideal moment for drowning out […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Aneta Janasz

When I started my adventure with blogging, and my website will soon be celebrating its first anniversary … I was naively thinking that a good text would allow me to reach out to a great number of readers. While slowly immersing myself into the bloggers’ world and getting to know their articles, I realized that […]

The weekly interview: Daria Kucharczyk

Beautiful autumn weather has always opened up my mind to the imagination. The spectacle of colors makes me move to a completely different world, a place in which everything could possibly happen. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to capture this incredible magic of place and moment, which vanishes very quickly – leaving, not only in […]