The plague of narcissism in the modern society

I don’t know how you feel about that … but I really hate cleaning up the flat just before any kind of holidays! This year, I was quite lucky to find an essay, which I had written at least 10 years ago, during the first year of my studies at the university. I was probably […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: The Jarząbki Blog

What is a journey for you? For me it’s a great opportunity to see new places and to meet new people, who I wouldn’t have a chance to meet in my every day life. Imagine the times, which may still be remembered by your parents, and your grandparents had to certainly face them … namely, […]

The weekly interview: Tutu Mansion

Dance has accompanied people since the dawn of time. Regardless of the place in the world, people have used dance as a kind of instrument to express their own emotions, ritual or religious imagery, and cultural traditions, which differ depending on the country, in which we were brought up. For me dance has always been […]