Helping through unscrewing, a few words about the action

Life is one of the greatest variables we will have to face. The moments of happiness and closeness interchange with the moments of sadness and loneliness. Nothing can be predicted or planned. A single minute of our lives cannot guarantee that another one will ever come. Surely, sooner or later, everyone will have to face […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Audrey Eugénie Schlegel

Strong women are women who thanks to their passion, creativity and persistence change the world not only around them, but also the world which seems to be a distant and inaccessible land for many, reserved for a privileged few. The path they all had to take looked different for each of them, but any road […]

The weekly interview: Subhashini Prasad

Choosing one’s career path isn’t an easy task, unfortunately, it frequently determines the rest of our lives. Why do I say unfortunately? Because, in many cases, it happens that our profession doesn’t really reflect our true interests. If we add to it all difficult working conditions, disappointment and bitterness caused by a common professional burn-out, […]