Passion Piece in the contest Blogs from Heart 2020

More information on this topic soon! Greetings to all the readers of Passion Piece blog. You’re awesome! 🙂

People with passion

The weekly interview: Surabhi Kaushik and Jyotsna Srikant

Is there a limit of possibilities which we can use during our lifetime? Are our limitations associated with ourselves, our mind or maybe a particular situation? A world of pandemic is the world in which we can still grow and develop our passions and related to them skills. You’ll probably ask me how it is […]

The weekly interview: Julianne Meaney

Music has been known as a wonderful means to convey feelings and emotions for centuries. It accompanies us from an early age. Starting with lullabies to continue with some more complex pieces, which we listen to while still being rebellious teenagers to finish on something that could be used to soothe our worries and to […]