In search of the meaning of life…

Oh! How fortunate are the ones, who know the purpose of their lives from the day of their birth. Unluckily, when this privilege was given out as a free gift, I must have not been standing in the right line at that time, most possibly I spaced out contemplating something important or was looking at […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Mouna EL Hajji

IN THE WORLD OF BOOKS… A passionate life is never empty, and there are probably as many passions as many people we can count in the whole world. Is it really possible? This infinity gives us a wide range of options which are just waiting to be discovered. Passions don’t need to be sophisticated or […]

The weekly interview: Zhou Zhenru

ASIAN SCENTS AND FLAVORS… Different cuisines of the world are the thing that connects people regardless of the current place of living. While traveling I had a chance to try regional dishes served not only by local chefs, but also the ones prepared by host families. Despite the fact that both these experiences were filled […]