Christmas storytelling: About a man who gave them hope

All of you, who haven’t had a chance to read the beginning of this tale, I invite you to read the short story titled: Christmas storytelling: A falling star So, my dear readers, where were we? Ah, yes … the gingerbread man thought it was the last chance for him to make his wish come […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Benio Craft

Thanks to undertaking the challenge, that is running a blog, I have had the opportunity to interview many interesting and inspiring people. It has turned out that there are a lot of creative people on our domestic market, individuals, who really put their hearts into their products. As a result of the actions they take, […]

The weekly interview: Speckled Fawn

I’ve always been fascinated by people blessed with unique manual talents. Their works have invariably dazzled me. This feeling has always been accompanied by admiration and envy related to my lack of skills and being unable to create similar masterpieces on my own. Thanks to development of the Internet and television we have an occasion […]