A quick guide to fashion: how to buy clothes and look unique on a budget

Shopaholism is a modern disease of the 21st century, we keep buying more and more not paying much attention to the fact whether a given item is the thing we truly need or not. I’ve also been affected by this disease, despite the fact I’ve tried to overcome my weakness and turn it into my […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Mateusz Marunowski

Life goes by so fast and we often don’t have a chance to maintain friendships from our old school days, because we focus mainly on here and now, as well as on things which are currently important for us. It has also happened in my case, although I must admit that, quite a few times, […]

The weekly interview: Lauren Covino Smith

The unknown is something that has always stimulated people’s imagination. Who wouldn’t like to experience an adventure, which could be told your children and looking further ahead even your grandchildren? Who wouldn’t like to live in a place, which one has always dreamed of, and which one has always wanted to get familiar with from […]