Helping through unscrewing, a few words about the action

Life is one of the greatest variables we will have to face. The moments of happiness and closeness interchange with the moments of sadness and loneliness. Nothing can be predicted or planned. A single minute of our lives cannot guarantee that another one will ever come. Surely, sooner or later, everyone will have to face […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Annalisa Jackson

Creative production requires a colorful soul, the one which is frequently beset by demons. The more we are exposed to maelstrom, the more eager to work creatively we become. The kind of work bringing pieces which move not only people’s hearts, but also their imagination. Why does it really happen? For one simple reason, and […]

The weekly interview: Mariola Morcinková

In the beginning was the Word… and it has remained the most powerful medium one could ever imagine. A conversation gives us the opportunity to commune with other people, to get to know them better, to make friends, and sometimes one could certainly call it the first step allowing us to build something even longer […]