Toxic people, why should you avoid them?

A human is a being who has been created to live in the society. Since our childhood we have been taught certain norms which we are supposed to follow. That’s obvious that avoiding others’ company is perceived as a kind of eccentricity or at least lack of savvy, which one should finally get rid of. […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Surabhi Kaushik

Since a written word has a great power, it has inspired people for centuries, especially the ones who decided to reach for it. By using letters, which we later put together to make words, to finally create full sentences, we write stories, which we not only share with others, but also inspire people here and […]

The weekly interview: Jackie Lambert

Flowing hair, light breeze on the shoulders and towering sun over our heads, that’s an ideal holiday picture, which comes to mind on its own, when we glance at gray and gloomy streets gazing on us through the window. It’s not often we can afford to take some time off work and to forget about […]