With passion for life: family allotment gardens

Summer is certainly not a season which encourages us to work hard, on the contrary, it’s an ideal time for relax and having some rest in the circle of family and friends. How to spend your leisure time in the city? Poles have found a perfect solution – the family allotment gardens (rodzinne ogrody działkowe/ROD), […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Kinder World

Today, I got caught in the nostalgic mood, not only because of the fact that as every year I feel almost like an eternal student, and the only thing, which has changed over these years is that I’m on the other side of the desk right now. Every new school year is a challenge, which […]

The weekly interview: Aleksander Dębicz

Today’s interview makes my memories come back to the long forgotten past, namely to my youth … innocent times in which I could be whoever I wanted to … one day a ballerina, and the other a rock singer … does it ring a bell? These times were good old days, in which mobile phones […]