With passion in your home: how to decorate your living room in a block of flats?

Living in a block of flats may give you a really hard time thinking how to decorate its interior not to clutter the rooms and preserve them functional. I faced many such challenges, especially while decorating my living room to make it a perfect place for some relaxation, as well as to make it a […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Hanna Bogoryja-Zakrzewska

IN SEARCH OF TRUTH People’s stories are unique and of great value, since each of them is different, but the same important. The world keeps flooding us with a load of news which aren’t worth more than a fluttering litter on a gloomy fall day. We tend to forget about them as quickly as our […]

The weekly interview: Agnieszka SoVa

BREAKING ON THROUGH Riding the Tube every morning, I started to notice the faces around me. Everyone seemed so subdued, so glum and joyless, like they already knew this day would be like yesterday, colourless, the same usual staring at the clock, hoping it would end soon. I couldn’t look like these commuters, could I? […]