Helping with passion: Heart for an Amazon

Cancer is a disease which has annihilated countless human lives at an alarming rate throughout centuries. It’s true that in the 21st century the prognosis can be more optimistic, but not everywhere and not in all cases. Prophylaxis is important, however, in my experience I know that I’m seriously neglecting it, thinking that maybe it’ll […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Subhashini Prasad

Choosing one’s career path isn’t an easy task, unfortunately, it frequently determines the rest of our lives. Why do I say unfortunately? Because, in many cases, it happens that our profession doesn’t really reflect our true interests. If we add to it all difficult working conditions, disappointment and bitterness caused by a common professional burn-out, […]

The weekly interview: MaryAnn Ensz

Life is not always a bed of roses and it doesn’t always serve us buttery croissants for breakfast. It often happens that what have seemed to be a beautiful and amazingly fragrant flower at the beginning, with another position of the planets and alongside a variable which is our life, the flower turns to be […]