With passion in your home: how to decorate your living room in a block of flats?

Living in a block of flats may give you a really hard time thinking how to decorate its interior not to clutter the rooms and preserve them functional. I faced many such challenges, especially while decorating my living room to make it a perfect place for some relaxation, as well as to make it a […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Christy Faber

CELEBRATING EVERY MOMENT… What does food mean to us? How often do we reflect upon this matter? I believe that the modern world and trends ruling in social media don’t allow us to ignore that issue. Surely, what we eat determines how we feel. Therefore, our meals should not only be delicious, but also full […]

The weekly interview: Jeannie Mañaga

WHEREVER MY FEET MAY TAKE ME… Sweat. Effort. Sprained muscles. Injuries. Hours of training and self-sacrifice. This is how a runner’s life look like to ignorant people, not interested in sport at all. Of course, each of these statements may be applied to this and many other sports disciplines. What’s the true essence of this […]