In search of the meaning of life…

Oh! How fortunate are the ones, who know the purpose of their lives from the day of their birth. Unluckily, when this privilege was given out as a free gift, I must have not been standing in the right line at that time, most possibly I spaced out contemplating something important or was looking at […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Verena Filieri

TRAVELING TOWARDS MOUTHWATERING FLAVORS… Passions are a driving force for not only any discoveries, but also a personal growth. Thanks to them we can gain much more, since we create visions which we desire to implement in our lives. Dreams of the world don’t have to be so distant, the ones we need to wait […]

The weekly interview: Darla Zuhdi

DOMESTIC ABUSE IS NOT A SENTENCE… Beautiful Instagram photos, smiling faces, women presenting perfect lives, the ones many of us keep dreaming of. This is exactly what they try to present not only through social media, but also while contacting their close ones and other acquaintances. But is their seemingly happy way of life as […]