With passion in your home: how to decorate your living room in a block of flats?

Living in a block of flats may give you a really hard time thinking how to decorate its interior not to clutter the rooms and preserve them functional. I faced many such challenges, especially while decorating my living room to make it a perfect place for some relaxation, as well as to make it a […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Magdalena Wsół

Splendor in the good old-fashioned way How to preserve memories? The atmosphere of the epoch we live in? How to get to know the things which have been inaccessible for years and covered with a thick layer of dust? Paintings, which had appeared long before the first photographs, are the medium of the historical events, […]

The weekly interview: Deidre Mabin Maene

THE ART OF CREATION How to express ourselves, our emotions and the world of our own values when we are surrounded by so many intense stimuli coming from the television and the Internet? How to draw people’s attention to what is important for us and to the values which should be recognized by others as […]