Charity action for mums-to-be, behind the scenes of 'Belly Santa Claus'

December is a time during which we prepare ourselves for Christmas … it’s also a time of greater and smaller miracles. We have a chance not only to contribute to them, but we can also initiate such wonderful moments around us. A few days ago I was messaged by such a person, who decided to […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Kornel Tomicki

This year is slowly coming to its end, which makes us stop and think. Some of you will be grieving over the New Year’s resolutions, which you haven’t fulfilled again … while the others will be railing against their jobs, which they haven’t had enough courage to change. There will also be those who despite […]

The weekly interview: Basia Janyga

Have you ever been wondering what the world would be like without the sound? The reality deprived of this wonderful means of expression that is the sounding of surrounding us forests, cities or our dear ones? You probably don’t often appreciate the steady rhythm of rustling trees or energetic tweeting of birds at dawn. The […]