A quick guide to fashion: how to buy clothes and look unique on a budget

Shopaholism is a modern disease of the 21st century, we keep buying more and more not paying much attention to the fact whether a given item is the thing we truly need or not. I’ve also been affected by this disease, despite the fact I’ve tried to overcome my weakness and turn it into my […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Mama Bear Finance

The society in which we grow up creates a certain family’s image which we hold up as a model while planning our future. Unfortunately, our dreams often seem far beyond reality, and despite the fact that parenthood is probably one of the most beautiful aspects of our lives, it can also give us sleepless nights, […]

The weekly interview: Valeria Lo Iacono Symonds

I’ve always admired people, who were not only able to introduce their ideas into their lives, but also were not afraid of changes, which were undoubtedly related to enterprises they decided to take up. It often happens that our profession no longer brings us joy, or just on the contrary, we love what we do, […]