In search of the meaning of life…

Oh! How fortunate are the ones, who know the purpose of their lives from the day of their birth. Unluckily, when this privilege was given out as a free gift, I must have not been standing in the right line at that time, most possibly I spaced out contemplating something important or was looking at […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Johnny Ray

ROMANCE, THRILLER, OR MAYBE BOTH? AND ALL THESE SET ON THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE… Who of us has never dreamed of a life full of adventures, thrill and love accompanied by the exotic surroundings? In a country or maybe in a few… the ones you have always wanted to visit? Dreams are beautiful, since they make […]

The weekly interview: Corinne Isasako

IN THE FRAME OF A PROFESSIONAL… Pictures, pictures, pictures… that is what fills our thoughts and memories, they are omnipresent in newspapers, television and in all types of social media. Sometimes they make us smile and let our imagination run wild while dreaming of perfect and unsurpassed lifestyles, adventures or long-distance journeys. But other times […]