To be cool, no need to be fool … just be fit to keep it!

Expectations is a word, which we are subconsciously taught from an early age. It creates a kind of cause and effect sequence: if you do this, something will happen … if you don’t do that, something worse will happen. I could go on and on with different examples. This wish list or requirements list can […]

People with passion

The weekly interview: Saniya Puri

Once upon a time in a land far away … there was a fairytale place, which lasts until today. The world which cannot be described with a million of words, one cannot name all its colors, scents and sounds. When I was a teenager I was fascinated by the exoticness and mysteriousness of this place, […]

The weekly interview: Kimberlie Harris

Can you imagine the world in which you wouldn’t know how to name a little bug which made your leg its new home or the world in which you wouldn’t know how to use this or that device? Having general knowledge makes our reality not only richer, but also increases our self-awareness and our awareness […]