What is gratitude?

Gratitude is a term which is well-known to most of us, but what does it really mean? According to a definition provided by PWN dictionary a grateful person ‘ has warm feelings towards his/her well-doer, wants to thank for all the goodness received and wants to return it to the benefactor’. What if we are […]

People with passion

The Weekly Interview: Follow Your Map

Travels are the best way to get to know oneself and the world. Everyone, who had a chance to experience a summer adventure, knows that it’s an incredible source of experiences and memories, which we come back to eagerly even after many years. I had an opportunity to travel quite often in the past, and […]

The weekly interview: A mohair feminist

Does modern world allow us to combine Catholicism with a strong female personality? At first sight it seems to be rather impossible, however these are only stereotypes, which have been functioning in our society for years. The truth is that having healthy attitude towards religion and life, doesn’t exclude us from being happy and satisfied […]